LIVE from the Web, it’s bluemoontoons!

Welcome to bluemoontoons!

We’re hitting the ground running with twice-weekly pages of our first featured comic, Terror Tots! This strip will run in full color for 30-odd pages before the next new feature begins. Thanks to co-creator and my pal, Len Strazewski for the funny script of our group of unique quintuplets.

bluemoontoons comes jam-packed with a full archive of 40+ pages of comics, comprised of all the toons that had been up at my illustration site,, plus a couple comics which have seen print recently: Lodged, a short story for the Bigfoot-in-a-suit comic, Proof  by Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo (Proof #16 and Proof Book 5: Blue Fairies); and Pippi Van Wrinkles, from the Fractured Fables hardcover book from Image.

Check in each week for more WebComics!


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