bluemoontoons is my webcomics home, a catch-all site for my copious comics & characters, featuring a variety of genres and stories: brand-spankin’-new comics, as well as those out-of-print from the Blue Moon archive; one-shot single-page strips and longer tales; black & white comics and many in full color.

Most comics are of my own creation, a few are collaborations with creative pals such as Alex Grecian (The Yard, Proof), Brian Augustyn (The Flash), Len Strazewski (Prime), Don Simpson (Megaton Man) and Paul Erickson (The Wobbit). You’ll not find here a never-ending comic strip featuring the same characters, rather a cornucopia of comics  – whatever and wherever a restless creative impulse takes me.

I love comics, using the combo of words & pictures to tell stories since I was a kid, and professionally for nearly thirty years. bluemoontoons offers an outlet for me to create any comic that flips my pancake, directly for the reader – no middleman.

I co-created and self published the Indy comic of the late ‘80s, Trollords, inked superheroes and dinosaurs for DC Comics and others, have drawn thousands of storyboard frames for broadcast television; companies large and small have featured my illustrations. I’ve drawn scads of educational, historical, religious and informational comics outside the industry proper.

After a move from Chicago to Minneapolis in 1993, my wife Mary and I formed our illustration company, Blue Moon Studios. I’m an adjunct professor at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) where I teach Comics. I live in Plymouth, MN with my wife and two daughters; a family of artists.

Mr. Humble